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Negotiating and Managing EPCIC Contracts in Context of OBOR Initiatives – An Advanced Course & Workshop

19 to 21 Feb 2024 | 09:00 a.m. to 05:30 p.m.
Courses & Workshops | EPCIC & EPC Contracts Management
From: $1500

Want to learn about Attractions, Risks, Rewards, and Roadmap for Embarking on Adventurous Terrains?
If Yes, Then Don’t Miss This Opportunity! 

Exclusively Designed & Developed For:
Investors, Project Directors, Business Development Managers, International Contracts Administrators, CEOs, MDs and Professionals engaged in or planning to undertake ventures in developing countries, along One Belt One Road (“OBOR”) for Oil & Gas, Energy (Power Plants) and Pipelines infrastructure development!

Unique Features of This Course:
The participants will be exposed to

  • Methodologies For Venturing Into Uncharted Territories
  • Unlocking Intricacies About Governing Laws And Legal Frameworks
  • Defining Risks With A Paradigm Shift
  • Strategies For Drafting Terms And Conditions Vs Model Contract Forms
  • Enhanced Management Structures For EPCIC & CMGD Projects
  • Structured Or Syndicated Financing And Payment Terms
  • Disputes Avoidance And Resolution Techniques
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12 to 16 June 2023 | 09:00am to 05:30pm China / Hong Kong / Singapore Time daily Online Real Time (ORT)
Courses & Workshops | Drafting Charter Party Agreements and Management
From: $3000

The timely delivery of your E & P projects is determined by the meticulous specification of your C/P clauses and Contract administration”

If you own or operate or hire any of the OSVs like a Tug, Barge, Supply Ship, Rig, Crane-Barge or Pipe-laying Vessel, then this course is for you only!

In the Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (E & P) industry, field development, hook-up, commissioning (HUIC) and production activities are dependent on the reliable availability of a fleet of Offshore Support Vessels (OSV). Not only is the availability of OSV’s important, but expertise and “know how” in C/P and or Charterparty (Contract) Management is equally crucial.

Understanding the essential ingredients of contracts and mastering the applications of maritime laws applicable to your Charterparty, will equip you to identify vague or ambiguous terms, avoid dangerous and often unimagined consequences.

The 5-day individually book-able workshop has been developed as a modular but intensive workshop. It is intended to assist you in enhancing the level of understanding for important topics, such as, using Industry de facto Standard C/P forms or customised contracts, implied commitments, issues of indemnity and liability, guarantees, gaps, lacunas and clauses to protect each party’s interests. This course will enable you to identify key issues fast and demonstrate some easily implementable chartering practices and policies, to accomplish the desired goals.

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Interpreting & Managing Time Charterparty For Offshore Support Vessels (MC070)

21 to 23 Aug 2023 | From 09:00am to 05:30pm China / Hong Kong Time daily - In Person
Courses & Workshops | Drafting Charter Party Agreements and Management
From: $1500

Specially Designed For Offshore Support Vessels Owners, Operators, Managers And Charterers Operating In Asia And Mena Region

Mitigating Risk and Safeguarding against Conflicts & Disputes – A strategic option to maximize Net Profitability or optimize Chartering Costs exposure!

This 3 day training program is an advanced level course, with a hands-on workshop for management executives with prior knowledge of contract law and experience in Charterparty management.  The course is designed from an operators and practitioner’s perspective, so as to equip the business owners and managers with necessary knowledge and expertise in shortest possible time, by learning from the bitter experiences of their predecessors.

Participants will be guided through a word-by-word review, evaluation and interpretation of the TIME CHARTER PARTY Forms like SUPPLYTIME, EPTIME and NOC CPA. Participants will also be exposed to the art of drafting of the project specific clauses or rider clauses.

 Key Learning Outcomes

In this 3 day training course, participants will gain enhanced familiarity with the terms and conditions often used in the context of a Charterparty. At the end of the session, participants will be able to understand the common clauses used and how it should be applied:

  • Interpret the meaning of each Clause and its implication;
  • Identify the responsibilities and liabilities of the Parties;
  • Translate the scope of services into actionable list of activities;
  • Integrate the organizational objectives and economic factors into the Charterparty;
  • Identify the risks & exposures and define risk sharing mechanism;
  • Identify relevant insurance covers and mandatory requirements for the specific Charterparty;
  • Analyze the indemnity clauses and waivers provided in the Charterparty;
  • Familiarize with potential causes of conflicts and disputes;
  • Identify ambiguities and irrelevant terms; and
  • Learn to manage disputes in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Who Should Attend

This course is focused in providing an in-depth understanding of the terms and conditions of a Charterparty and the interpretation in context of relevant maritime legal principles. This is an essential course for experienced practitioners including:

  • Ship Owners / Directors
  • Shipbuilders and Repairers
  • Chartering and Contracts Managers
  • Financing Managers and Investment Analysts
  • Corporate Legal Counsels
  • Project Managers
  • Masters and Chief Engineers
  • Managers marked for Succession Planning
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers of Equipment’s to Offshore Oil & Gas Industry
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Charterparty Management For LPG Tankers

8 to 9 May 2023 | From 09:00am to 05:30pm daily, China / Hong Kong / Singapore Time Online Real Time (ORT)
Courses & Workshops | Drafting Charter Party Agreements and Management
From: $1500

Harvesting the Upcoming Opportunities and Managing Contemporary Challenges

In this 2 day workshop, the participants will be able to acquire expertise from real life experiences enabling them to deal better with the contemporary challenges facing Gas Export, Import and transportation by Gas Tankers today. Some of the key challenges addressed in this intensive workshop are:

Making a Choice of the Charterparty Form (SHELLTIME4, BPVOY, ASBATANKVOY, GASVOY, GASTIME, BPTIME) in context of type of Cargo, Vessel Type, terminals and duration;

Comprehensive Risks Identification, Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies;

  • Computation and allocation of idle time
  • Explicit measurement criteria for Lay time and Demurrage Claims
  • Implication of SIRE and Obligations of the Owners

Termination of Time Charters for Cause and for Convenience

  • Can the delays in damage repairs be considered as a breach?
  • Fall in Market Prices and Restructuring of the existing Time Charterparty

Tank Cleaning Costs and Risk of Contaminants

  • How much time and cost can a Charterer pay for tank cleaning and disposal of toxic slops
  • Liabilities of Charterers for cargo tank debris / damage
  • Liability of Terminal Operators and service providers in causing contaminations

Performance Obligations of the Parties as per the Charterparty Agreement

  • Charterer’s Obligations, Bunkers and Boil-off Gas Usage Limits
  • Owner’s Obligations and Liabilities, ROB, Limits of Boil-off and Cargo Loss
  • Bills of Lading and Responsibility Assignment Matrix

Who Should Attend

This is a “must attend” course if you are: LPG Gas trader, Tanker Owner, Charterer, and their key management personnel like General Manager, Commercial Manager, Business Development Manager, Legal Counsel, Post-Fixtures Manager, Fleet Manager, Marine & Technical Superintendent, Senior Engineer or Middle Level Manager as part of succession planning.

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