Tiberias Story

The historians may recall the 2nd Emperor of Roman Empire named Tiberius Claudius Nero in whose memory the city was named and built by Herod Antipas the son of Herod the Great. The city was in the early 20 CE a major trade and commerce hub.

Geologists may describe Tiberias as the Fresh Water Lake of supernatural importance. It is 215 meters below Sea Water Level, as the lowest fresh water lake on planet Earth. The water springs from below underground and partly by River Jordan.

For Jews it is one of the cultural lineage and major Centre of Jewish Culture. The High Court of Israel called Sanhedrin, was based  in Tiberias during 132-135 CE.

For Christians it is the most Holy City and the Lake where Jesus appeared after resurrection to meet his disciples for the last time in flesh.

Tiberias is a Greek name for the first century Roman city and lake situated in Palestine, Israel.

For Palestinians and believers in Islam, this is also a sacred place, as described in WIKIPEDIA. “Tiberias was revitalised in 749, after Bet Shean was destroyed in an earthquake. An imposing mosque, 90 metres (300 feet) long by 78 metres (256 feet) wide, resembling the Great Mosque of Damascus, was raised at the foot of Mount Berenice next to a Byzantine church, to the south of the city, as the eighth century ushered in Tiberias’s golden age, when the multicultural city may have been the most tolerant of the Middle East.”

The more one reads about the history and modern state of the place, more complex and intriguing discoveries and wisdom one will gain.

The diversity of cultures in the history and at present time rarely converge except at the legacy of “Tiberias.”

This being the unfathomable source of wisdom and Holy of the Holiest places on Earth for Jews, Arabs, Greeks and Gentiles alike, where resurrected Lord Jesus walked before ascending to Heaven, inspired the founders to name the Company after Tiberias Lake, as Tiberias Management Consultants, a divinely inspired organization of veteran consultants.

There is no denying that the wisdom comes from knowledge, experience, sharing and applying knowledge to the contemporary challenges of life and industries alike.

For more about Tiberias Story the readers are encouraged o refer to the relevant literature and resources on both historical and current state of affairs.

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