LPG Tankers Charter Party Management

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By Popular Demand – First Two Sessions to be held in Hong Kong:  4 to 6 March 2019 | 4 to 6 Sep 2019

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In this 3 day workshop, the participants will be able to acquire expertise from real life experiences enabling them to deal better with the contemporary challenges facing Gas Export, Import and transportation by Gas Tankers today. Some of the key challenges addressed in this intensive workshop are:

Making a Choice of the Charter Party Form (SHELLTIME4, BPVOY, ASBATANKVOY, GASVOY, GASTIME, BPTIME) in the context of the type of Cargo, Vessel Type, terminals and duration;

Webinar Series on Maritime Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Clauses

Inviting Business Leaders and Professionals in the Offshore & Maritime Segments to Highly Beneficial 2 hour intensive discussion sessions on managing disputes and drafting efficient and cost effective dispute resolution clauses.

The 12 part once a week series of webinars addressing critical issues, over a period of 3 months is tailored for busy decision makers and Chief Executives.

Register now for 12 parts or individual sessions to learn how to save hard earned revenue and increase profitability by dispute avoidance.

Facilitating Management Brainstorming Sessions

Explore the availability of Customized and Bespoke Consultancy Sessions with our Domain Experts and Senior Consultants.

Most Commonly sessions involve, “Conducting facilitation and coordination sessions prior to a high level Board Members, Heads of Strategic Business Units (SBUs) and Senior Management Executives.”

  • Brainstorming Sessions before development of Five Year Business Plan
  • Analysis of P & L challenges before the AGM
  • Launching of New Projects
  • Investment Appraisal and Due diligence
  • Workshop and Training Sessions for specific subjects and sensitive topics not suitable for public courses

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Launching Workshops and Courses at Hong Kong

We are excited to announce that after 15 years of successful delivery of  workshops and courses for professionals from Oil & Gas and Offshore & Marine industries at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Middle East, through our associates, we now commence the launch of advanced version of popular workshops from Hong Kong.

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