OBOR Projects

Negotiating and Managing EPCIC Contracts in Context of OBOR Initiatives – An Advanced Course & Workshop

Want to learn about Attractions, Risks, Rewards, and Roadmap for Embarking on Adventurous Terrains?
If Yes, Then Don’t Miss This Opportunity! 

Exclusively Designed & Developed For:
Investors, Project Directors, Business Development Managers, International Contracts Administrators, CEOs, MDs and Professionals engaged in or planning to undertake ventures in developing countries, along One Belt One Road (“OBOR”) for Oil & Gas, Energy (Power Plants) and Pipelines infrastructure development!

Unique Features of This Course:
The participants will be exposed to

  • Methodologies For Venturing Into Uncharted Territories
  • Unlocking Intricacies About Governing Laws And Legal Frameworks
  • Defining Risks With A Paradigm Shift
  • Strategies For Drafting Terms And Conditions Vs Model Contract Forms
  • Enhanced Management Structures For EPCIC & CMGD Projects
  • Structured Or Syndicated Financing And Payment Terms
  • Disputes Avoidance And Resolution Techniques
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