Offshore Oil & Gas Projects

Fast Track Offshore & Marine Projects & Risks Management – with Contractual Perspectives

This course and workshop is exclusively developed by and for the professionals, engaged in multiple disciplines across niche segment of Offshore & Marine Rig-building & FPS Conversion industry. The participants will be able to learn from real life experiences to be equipped for managing the challenges ahead, through this three days intensive workshop, covering:

  • Overview of Scopes in Offshore & Marine Projects for Conversion of Tankers, Drill Ships and Rigs
  • Project Risks Identification, Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies
    • Conducting Hazop Studies in E & P Projects
    • Impact of Project Risks on Corporate Performance
  • Project and Risk Management Framework
    • Project Organization Structures
    • Contracts Breakdown Structures and Works Breakdown Structures
  • Commercial and Contractual Risks in High Value Complex Projects
    • Financing and Cash Flow Management
    • Risks Monitoring and Management Controls
    • Incidents Prevention and Consequences Management
  • Project Resource Planning
    • Human Resource Competencies
    • Cross Functional Teams, Distributed Works Management and Responsibility Assignment Matrix
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