Managing Challenges in Self-Assessment of Tankers for Time Charter Party – Evaluate Impact of SIRE, Q88 and VIQ (MC068)

MATF Course Code: MC068 – Preapproved for ProTER Grant

“Why is it so challenging to keep a Charter Party afoot, despite decades of experience in managing Oil Tanker fleets?”

The Challenge is:
“How to automate, Continuous Inspections under Evolving Commercial and Regulatory Pressures!”

Explore the possibilities of managing such challenges by participating in a three day intensive management course cum workshop. The participants will be able to brainstorm and exchange strategies to better manage the assessments and inspections of Oil Tankers without breaching the terms of a Charter Party.

Who Should Attend?

This is a must attend course for all those directly or indirectly engaged in oil tankers management and operations, including, Tanker Owners, Charterers, General Managers, Commercial Managers, Business Development Managers, Legal Counsels, Post-Fixtures Managers, Fleet Managers, Marine & Technical Superintendents, Masters, Chief & Senior Engineers, and Middle Level Managers.

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