Fast Track Offshore & Marine Projects & Risks Management – with Contractual Perspectives

Day 1

  1. Introduction To Advanced Concepts Of Project Management
  2. Overview Of Project Scope In Offshore Vessels And Tanker Ships, As Owners
    • Rig Repair Projects
    • Shipbuilding Projects
    • FPSO and FSO  Conversion Projects
    • OSV’s like Anchor Handling, Supply, Towing and Seismic Survey Vessels
    • Development of Contract Packages in E & P Projects and Distribution across the Supply Chain
    • Modules, Skids and Structural Fabrications
    • Typical Forms of Contracts with Shipyard
  3. Projects & Risks Management Framework

Case Study 1: Drill Ship Refurbishment Project

Day 2

  1. Change Orders And Variations Management
  2. Forensic Analysis In Project Management
    • Schedule Analyzer Program
    • Post Delay Causation Analysis
    • Budgets and Variance Analysis
    • Principles of Cost and Works Engineering
    • Validation of Baseline, Updates and As-built Schedules
  3. Project Resource Planning For A Fps Conversion Project
  4. Risk Evaluation, Management And Mitigation Strategies

Case Study 2: MOPU Fabrication Project

Day 3

  1. Performance Monitoring And Controls
  2. Jack-Up Rig Building Project Management, As OwnersThe project execution methodologies and strategies for contracting of a rig building project have a direct impact on the outcomes of the project.  The following critical aspects will be presented in this session:
  3. Familiarization With Contract Laws And Legal PrinciplesWhich and How Many Laws are Applicable to an International Project?
  4. Role Of Owner’s Project Management TeamGroup Workshop: based on an Offshore Rig Building Project: As per a Case Brief provided during the Course, participants in groups will discuss and formulate the following:
    • Project Management Framework Development
    • All Risks Evaluation (Repairs, Construction & Installation Risks)
    • Develop Perform

Case Study 3: Project Economics and Costs Overrun