Part 12 of 12: Lessons Learned and Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards

Part 12: Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards – Lessons Learned and Recap of 11 Sessions of Dispute Resolution Clauses

  1. Case Studies
  2. Recommendations
  3. Model Clauses
  4. Model Forums
  5. Responses to the Questions submitted by the Participants

“A Guidebook on Drafting Dispute Resolution Clause for Marine and Offshore Industry,” and summary of discussions held during the 12 sessions will be presented to the participants who have attended 7 or more sessions.

List of Past 11 Sessions

  1. Anatomy of Default Dispute Resolution Clauses
  2. Amending or Avoiding the Default Clause When Dispute has Erupted
  3. Stages or Tiers in a Dispute Resolution Clause
  4. Multiple or Conflicting Dispute Resolution Clauses
  5. Role of Mediation in Resolving International Maritime Disputes
  6. Forum Shopping for Litigation or Arbitration
  7. Applying Security for Costs in Arbitration or Courts
  8. Arresting Ship for Security for Claim or for Costs
  9. Multi-party Dispute Resolution Clause
  10. Estimating and Controlling Costs of Dispute Resolution Forums
  11. Drafting and Reviewing the Dispute Resolution Clause