Managing Challenges in Self-Assessment of Tankers for Time Charter Party – Evaluate Impact of SIRE, Q88 and VIQ (MC068)

MATF Course Code: MC068 – Preapproved for ProTER Grant

Day 1: Overview of Charter Party Obligations

  1. Prequalification and Warranties
  2. Explicit Terms and Conditions
  3. Implied Terms and Conditions for Continuing Maintenance
  4. Inspection Framework in a Charter Party
    • Filling of Vessel Particulars Questionnaire
    • Oil Major / IOC Specific Questionnaire
    • Importance of OCIMF Standard Inspection Regime
    • NOC Inspections Format
    • Analysis of Q88 and Relevance
    • SIRE and VIQ
    • Costs of and for Conducting Inspection

Case Study – 1: Termination of a CPA for Failure of Interim Vessel Inspection Report

Day 2:

  1. Regulating SIRE  Management
  2. Vessel Management System
  3. Voyage Planning and Navigation Management
  4. Cargo, Machinery and Operations Management
  5. Routine Inspections for Real-Time SIRE

Coordination between NOC / IOC Inspection Regime and Fleet Inspection Regime

Case Study – 2:  Implementation of Integrated System for Class Approvals and SIRE

Day 3: Implementation of Self-Administered SIRE System

  1. Model Tanker Fleet Inspections Management System
    • Product Tankers (Non-US Trading)
    • Product Tankers Worldwide Trading
    • Crude Oil Tankers – Suez-max
    • Crude Oil Super Tankers
    • VLCCs
  2. Workshop and Review of Cases
    1. Maintenance of Oil Major’s Approval Clause and Consequences of Breach
    2. Multiple Failure of Inspection and Consequences
    3. Certificates stated in SIRE or Q88 to be valid throughout the Charter Party period