Managing EPCIC Contracts For Independent Power Plants and Waste-to-Energy Plants

Workshop Benefits
By attending this 3-day, two part intensive workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Gain Working Knowledge of the legal principles governing international Contracts from tender invitation, bid submission, contract formation, execution to breaches, redresses and dispute resolution.
  2. Safeguard Corporate Interests by understanding the basic principles of contract management in plain English and learning simple contract language, so as to identify risks and develop risk mitigation techniques.
  3. Quickly Identify Dangerous Words/Phrases in the project correspondences, which could cost your company millions.
  4. Effectively Manage Risks of Your Projects, With Enforceable Contract Documents, by learning the purpose and potential benefits of maintaining evidence in compliance to the contract clauses.
  5. Learn the Contract Enforcement Nuggets of Owners and the Variation Claims Strategies of the Contractors from a practitioner, who has worked and consulted, for major EPCIC contractors in Oil & Gas segments, Power Plants and Offshore & Marine construction yards.
  6. Effectively Use Your Project Execution Time by adopting the issue-spotting checklists and innovative tools for avoiding contractual pitfalls.
  7. Use of Contract Terms & Conditions for enhancing project performance, monitoring, reporting and achieving timely completion, thereby avoiding delays and disputes.

Expected Learning Outcomes

On completion of the workshop, the participants will have learned: –

  • How to manage Contractors and Owners representatives;
  • Expertise in ITB to successful bid preparation process;
  • How to build a Business Case for financing from Banks and potential investors;
  • How to ensure that Variations and post bidding changes are duly accounted from both risks and cost exposures aspects;
  • How to interpret contracts and modify the contract conditions according to the changes in the project context and or scope;
  • When and how to obtain / grant extension of time (EOT) and additional costs;
  • How to manage sub-contractors when reviewing requests for additional claims, extension of time and advance payments;
  • Ability to identify rights and obligations of each party to a contract instead of making subjective decisions;
  • Ability to be firm in negotiations without violating terms of the agreements;
  • Ability to spot different legal systems, contract laws and arbitration rules;
  • Ability to negotiate and avoidance of disputes and resolution in amicable manner, in accordance with the provisions of the contract;
  • Improvement in writing skills for commercial correspondences; and
  • Competency in developing and maintaining documentary evidence and traceability for all works executed during the project.

Who Must Attend this Workshop?

  • Heads of Power Plant Development Business Units
  • EPCIC Contracts Managers
  • Project Directors
  • General Managers and Project Managers
  • Corporate Legal Counsels
  • Procurements and Supply Chain Managers
  • Lawyers and Legal Professionals interested in EPCIC Segments of the Oil & Gas and Power Plant Industry