Negotiating and Managing EPCIC Contracts in Context of OBOR Initiatives – An Advanced Course & Workshop

Course Objectives
Amid rising concerns about the impacts of geopolitical turbulence and sustainability of OBOR initiatives in the short to midterm, this course and workshop sessions are developed with the following key objectives:

  • Identify the role of States and limits of authorities of Stakeholders during negotiation and post-award management of infrastructure related EPCIC contracts;
  • Appreciate the benefits of incorporating appropriate terms of BITs, MITs and G2G MOUs in the Contract Terms & Conditions;
  • Interpret terms and conditions of Bespoke Contract Forms in context of privileges for OBOR Initiatives and economic factors;
  • Incorporate influencing attributes of Force Majeure Events specific to OBOR and the influence of regulatory regimes and strategies of Oil & Gas Majors;
  • Recognize the avenues of collaboration, contentions, conflicts and manage disputes to avoid losses;
  • Manage projects & contracts for ensuring delivery of performance obligations under the EPCIC Contract; and
  • Develop exit routes and protections against hostile acquisitions or State interventions.


Course Outline 
In the context of the set of the objectives, this course is designed and developed for the delegates to cultivate an intuitive skill set to be evaluative and constructive when embarking on new contracts or while managing current projects specifically in OBOR economies. The sessions are a combination of interactive discussions and hands-on workshops based on real-life scenarios.