Offshore & Marine Supply Base Management for Supporting E & P Fields and Fleet Operations

By attending this intensive workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Gain Working Knowledge of the Quality, Safety, Security, Health and Environment Protection regulations essential for operations at the Offshore Supply Base (“OSB”);
  • Manage berthing Operations of OSVs by understanding the navigational features of each vessel type, moorings and functional flexibilities of the shore facilities.
  • Plan for Cargo Operations in the accordance with the customer requirements, mooring arrangement, cranes on-board the vessel and support services available at the OSB and type of cargo to be loaded or unloaded.
  • Effectively Manage Risks of Cargo Handling, by learning the contractual obligations, insurance regime, marine risks and importance of maintaining records as evidence in compliance to the contract clauses.
  • Learn the Contractual Obligations of OSB Managers and Owners towards, Ship Owners, Vendors, Lessees and Contractors, from a practitioner, who has worked and consulted, for major E & P contractors in Oil & Gas segments and  Offshore & Marine, construction yards.
  • Effectively Adopt Best Practices in management of terminals and supply bases in geographically diverse locations and international legal regimes.
  • Gain understanding of International Trade Terms & Conditions as applicable and development of appropriate commercial business processes.

Expected Learning

On completion of the workshop, the participants will have learned

  • How to implement and comply with QHSE and Security regulations in safe handling of cargo and movements of the vessels;
  • Role and responsibilities of the OSB management team;
  • How to plan and organize in advance to minimize turnaround time for the vessels engaged in support of Offshore E & P operations;
  • How to plan and organize OSB cranes, vehicles, spaces and relevant facilities for storage, movement and custody transfer of various types of solid & liquid cargo, tools, shackles, bulk materials in open yards and ship’s gears;
  • Awareness of potential emergency situations and how to respond and coordinate with relevant internal and external agencies;
  • How to manage safety of personnel of sub-contractors, stevedores’,  tenants and ship crew, when engaged in OSB operations;
  • Ability to differentiate between various ships, technical and functional characteristics, safety requirements and potential hazards of each operation; and
  • Competency in developing and maintaining documentary evidence traceability for all works executed during the specific period or operation; and
  • Techniques for performance monitoring and continuous improvement based on lessons learned from each operation at the Base as well as from reports about peers in the similar business.

Testimonials from Past sessions

“Good session and well managed presentation. There was a lot of interaction and experience sharing between the participants!”
– Logistic Supervisor, ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Malaysia, Inc

“This is a very good course, applicable to key management staff due to its detailed information in running the OSB business”
– Head of Well Logistics, Brunei Shell Co Snd Bhd

“Blown away by the amount of information!”
– Senior Supervisor, Asian Supply Base

“Ideal training course that any OSB operator or anyone willing to set up one should attend.  Mr Jayems’ knowledge & experience is OSBs and related subjects is a treasure to experience.”
– Deputy General Manager, Hayleys Energy Services Lanka

“After attending this course, I can add the knowledge and learning about shorebase management.  Thank you” 
– Shorebase Superintendent, Pertamina Hulu Energy Offshore North West Java

“Gain a lot of knowledge and manual provided to help me have a better understanding on Supply Base Management”
– Shorebase Manager, Murphy Oil Corporation

“Each section is very relevant to an OSB and matches our business” 
– GM-Operations, Asian Supply Base

“This training provided me with more understanding of offshore & marine supply base management.  I can apply this knowledge gained for my day-to-day daily routine tasks”
– Sabah Logistic Manager,Murphy Oil Corporation

“I have gained new knowledge for handling OSB and presentation is very close based on an OSB…”
– Shorebase Supervisor, Pertamina Hulu Energy Offshore North West Java