Oil Tankers Operations Management And Risks Mitigation in STS Transfers and Shuttle-Tankers

About This Course

Innovation and strategic planning are like moving targets – which need adaptive mindset. Even in a mature and well managed segment of oil transportation by tanker ships, there is always some room for enhancement

Why You Should Attend

This three day course is developed for enhancement of the management systems for oil tanker operations, with the following underlying objectives:

  • Revisit proven and well established traditional operations models in context of the changing commercial outlook;
  • Identify commonly ignored avenues of saving through consolidation of operations;
  • Interpret terms and conditions of a Charter party in context of impact on frequency and intensity of management intervention for each operation;
  • Evaluate current and future trends in petroleum transportation and the influence of regulatory regimes and strategies of Oil Majors;
  • Understand the methodology for review of cargo operations and implementation of corrective measures on a regular basis to avoid daily losses;
  • Develop risk assessment and mitigation strategies with intent to contain insurance costs burden; and
  • Develop special SOPs for STS transfer operations and Shuttle Tanker operations.


What You Will Learn

Upon completion of the course and hands-on workshops based on real life cases, the delegates would have enhanced their knowledge base and be able to:

  1. Identify avenues within their operations management model, in need of enhancement;
  2. Evaluate different management models with cost considerations;
  3. Develop cost accounting model for capturing activity based costs of operations;
  4. Enhance consciousness about performance evaluation metrics;
  5. Create a system of assigning measurable parameters during each operation;
  6. Appreciate strategies for STS operations and save unscheduled expenses; and