EPCIC & EPC Contracts Management

Negotiating and Managing EPCIC Contracts in Context of OBOR Initiatives – An Advanced Course & Workshop

Want to learn about Attractions, Risks, Rewards, and Roadmap for Embarking on Adventurous Terrains?
If Yes, Then Don’t Miss This Opportunity! 

Exclusively Designed & Developed For:
Investors, Project Directors, Business Development Managers, International Contracts Administrators, CEOs, MDs and Professionals engaged in or planning to undertake ventures in developing countries, along One Belt One Road (“OBOR”) for Oil & Gas, Energy (Power Plants) and Pipelines infrastructure development!

Unique Features of This Course:
The participants will be exposed to

  • Methodologies For Venturing Into Uncharted Territories
  • Unlocking Intricacies About Governing Laws And Legal Frameworks
  • Defining Risks With A Paradigm Shift
  • Strategies For Drafting Terms And Conditions Vs Model Contract Forms
  • Enhanced Management Structures For EPCIC & CMGD Projects
  • Structured Or Syndicated Financing And Payment Terms
  • Disputes Avoidance And Resolution Techniques
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EPCIC Contract Management with Essentials Elements of International Contracts Laws – Advanced Level

In the Oil & Gas construction and procurement business, the success of your project is dependent on your practical “know how” in contract management. Understanding the essential ingredients of contracts and mastering the fundamentals will equip you to identify vague contracts, avoid dangerous and often hidden terms, and better understand your position and your project.

The Course Director has widely researched, developed and enhanced this 3-day workshop that covers important topics such as contracting strategies, liabilities of the parties, issues of indemnity warranties and guarantees. This workshop will provide you with a forum to explore root causes behind disputes as ambiguous clauses or one sided contracts and strategies to deal with such scenarios.

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Managing EPCIC Contracts For Independent Power Plants and Waste-to-Energy Plants

Workshop Curriculum Specially Developed for Managing Latest Evolution in the Projects Portfolio Management Strategies of, Power Plants and Oil & Gas Fired Energy Infrastructure Developments.

Must Attend Course for Contracts Managers and Para-Legal Professionals engaged in the Power Plants Developments and Waste to Energy Generation Plants!

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EPC Contracts Management for Power Plants – in Context of International Laws

Must Attend Course for Non-Legal and Para-Legal Professionals engaged in Managing Power Plants or related Projects and Contracts during and Post Development Stages!

This workshop is designed, developed and facilitated for the participants to learn how to negotiate rigid contracts where contractors are not allowed to edit any clauses during the bidding process. The participants will learn from the G2G based agreements, failed power plants and analysis of Case Law Reports so as to take home lessons learned from bitter experiences of the peers in the industry. It is designed to help those who need a solution to manage current contractual issues or those who execute contracts on a daily basis and want to be more proficient in reviewing, administering or managing their contracts and projects.

UNIQUE course features:

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