Offshore and Marine Projects Management

Fast Track Offshore & Marine Projects & Risks Management – with Contractual Perspectives

This course and workshop is exclusively developed by and for the professionals, engaged in multiple disciplines across niche segment of Offshore & Marine Rig-building & FPS Conversion industry. The participants will be able to learn from real life experiences to be equipped for managing the challenges ahead, through this three days intensive workshop, covering:

  • Overview of Scopes in Offshore & Marine Projects for Conversion of Tankers, Drill Ships and Rigs
  • Project Risks Identification, Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies
    • Conducting Hazop Studies in E & P Projects
    • Impact of Project Risks on Corporate Performance
  • Project and Risk Management Framework
    • Project Organization Structures
    • Contracts Breakdown Structures and Works Breakdown Structures
  • Commercial and Contractual Risks in High Value Complex Projects
    • Financing and Cash Flow Management
    • Risks Monitoring and Management Controls
    • Incidents Prevention and Consequences Management
  • Project Resource Planning
    • Human Resource Competencies
    • Cross Functional Teams, Distributed Works Management and Responsibility Assignment Matrix
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Cost Engineering, Financing, and Risk Management – for Oil & Gas Projects

Essential Exercise before Launching a new Project – Must attend Course for Planners and Undertakers

The mechanics of capturing cost during the execution is not that difficult a task, as it is when estimating, planning, scheduling and seeking financing for the project. The corporate management is expected to provide realistic, reliable and risks adjusted projections of a project’s financial performance.

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EPCIC Contract Management & Essential Elements of International Contract Laws

“Workshop Curriculum Recently Enhanced to Advanced Level, based on Requests and Inputs from Delegates of Past Session!”

Must Attend Workshop for Previous Participants of EPC Contracts Management Course and Experienced Professionals Engaged in the Projects Portfolio Management of Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Infrastructure Developments

This workshop is facilitated such as to learn how to negotiate rigid contracts where contractors are not allowed to edit any clauses during the bidding process. The participants will learn from the Case Law Reports and analysis so as to take home lessons learned from bitter experiences of the peers in the industry.

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